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First, four new songs were recorded in collaboration with Paul Stewart (The Feeling) on drums. His sense of rhythm, groove and precision are second to none. And a great bloke to booth too! Find them on "bugiolacchi" CD

Second, new remixes of songs recorded and produced originally by Dedi and performed by him, a superb guitarist, bass player, and percussionist, plus Belinda on cello and backing voices. You can actually buy and download these songs! Find them on "bugiolacchi" CD

Third, four new songs recorded in collaboration with trumpet player and percussionist Brant Tilds. Visit the SoundCloud website for more music and links!

Fourth, Re-release of 2005 CD Soli, in Italian but with bonus track remix from Sanny X. Find them on "Soli" CD

Fifth, New video to accompany the new song "I am Invincible "

Sixth, we are actively looking for a 'Colaiuta-Copeland' style groovy drummer and funky bass player to get some of this stuff on the road. The idea is to resurrect some aspects of the Prog-rock-funk that have disappeared from the music scene... if you are interested, drop us a line!

Seventh, Disqus to discuss anything!


A brief voyage through the archives of Robč's music career. The journey began years ago in Leeds and eventually London, where he resided and worked for many years. The video starts with a performance at the Orange Club in South London with a very 'special' band. This group was hastily put together as a music industry showcase for Robč's music, but the level of musicianship was superb: on drums Dylan Howe (son of "Yes'" formidable guitarist), Leslie George on backing vocals (at the time a signed artist with Warner and then Sony), Kofi on percussion (then of Jemiroquai), Pippo Cerciello on electric violin (from top Italian folk-rock groups Musicanova and NCCP), and Matteo Saggese on keys (penned songs for top international acts like Zucchero and Il Divo).

This is followed by a quick run through key moments in his career. Special highlights include a rather flattering review of his demo by Future Music magazine, which rewarded him with a special feature and ‘top stars”. One of his proudest moments was his performance at the Ronnie Scott Club in London, one of the most famous Jazz clubs in the world where he performed as a support act for Ola. Other images include pictures taken from his tour with Baz (as guitarist and co-writer of most of her songs), here at the Shepherd Bush Empire in London. Last, an up-to-date testimonial of his songs and live acoustic performance ‘act’ with two numbers played live just with his guitar to a photographic camera set on video, from his ‘living room’! As ‘rough’ as it gets, but a fair snapshot of his naked ‘talent’’ nevertheless. Below, you can follow the whole uncut versions of both tracks.

other videos

ONE LIFE. A fast paced track showing off Robč's musicianship and performing skills. A song gagging for a rock/funk arrangement and production.

I AM INVINCIBLE. A new song taken from the latest Robč CD, "bugiolacchi".

I CAN HAVE IT ALL. A song lyrically inspired by the ongoing wars on terrorism, with a viewpoint of the 'common people' on the ground, at the receiving end of both indigenous and invading armies. And warped ideologies. Ah.. and the tune is quite catchy too..

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